Offer the best for each of your customers individually

What is personalization?

Personalization is an action of creating products, content, or even experiences to meet the needs of individuals. It can be anything from tailoring a new suit to seeing posts on social media.

We all see different things on YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, etc. That's right.
It's personalization!

Higher Conversion

With the right product under the right environment, customers are more likely to make a purchase.

Higher Satisfaction

With the products that are the best fit for your customers, customers will be more satisfied with their purchase.

Higher Retention

From a satisfied purchase and great shopping experience, customers will tend to come back to you.

How can we help?

enScribe lets you provide personalization to your users or customers while you can fully focus on your business. Check out our solutions that fit your use cases.

Product & Content Personalization

Be more relavent to your users and customers. Personalize the best products or content for each of them individually.

Online Experience Personalization

Create the best experience for each of your customer segments. Personalize the look and feel for different segments automatically.

Study Cases

Still have no idea how can you benefit from offering personalization to your users or customers? Let us share some ideas how personalization is being used across the world.

Explore new coffee within your preference

Coffee exploration is subjective. Personalize the next coffee for your customers and ensure they will enjoy the next cup.

Pick the best credit card for your needs

Choosing the right credit card is one of the hardest choices. Use personalization to suggest the best card for your customers.

Read only the most relavent news

Why make your users scroll to the section that they are interested? Personalize the content for each of your users individually.

Meal subscriptions for different diet goals

It is easy to know what you like but who wants to eat the same meal over and over. Use personalization to change meals, but still within the preference.


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Product Recommendation

200 Times

Product Recommendation

100 Users



Product Recommendation

2,000 Times+$2/100 extra

Product Recommendation

1,000 Users+$4/10 extra

Product Recommendation

Set Up



Product Recommendation

25,000 Times+$1/100 extra

Product Recommendation

15,000 Users+$1.5/10 extra

Product Recommendation

Set Up + Technical



Product Recommendation

100,000 Times+$0.75/100 extra

Product Recommendation

80,000 Users+$0.5/10 extra

Product Recommendation

Set Up + Technical + Features Dev

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